Pet Therapy

It doesn’t matter if you’re a dog or cat lover, pet therapy can be beneficial to you if you suffer from depression or anxiety. If you think you’re not mentally prepared enough to take care of anything, a pet can actually be the solution.

Uncomplicated Love

If complicated relationships are adding to your stress and anxiety, worry not because a pet offers you nothing but unconditional love. You won’t have to worry about your furry companion hurting your feelings or offering unsolicited advice. Just expect them to love you because you’re their owner.


Adding responsibilities to your life may not seem ideal but expert have proven that it may be what you need to battle your depression. Putting a positive new focus in your life can give you a new sense of value.


Mental illness can cause you to become inactive, a new pet can be the reason you get off the couch. Playing with your cat or taking a dog for a walk is a valuable way to get physical and mental health.


Owning a pet will put you on a routine centered on your animal needs- soon you both will establish eating, walking, and resting schedules.

Research has proven that owning a pet can lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormones, and boost feel good chemicals in your brain. Specialist at SoCo Counseling understand the importance of pets, just ask Fred E. Dog. If you live in South Austin and are suffering from mental illness or in need of a therapist, contact them today at (512) 621-5337 or visit them at 2312 Western Trails Blvd, D404, Austin, TX, 78745.

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