At SoCo Counseling you can expect to be treated with respect for your personal autonomy, genuine concern for your overall wellbeing, and with a sense of urgency that matches your own.

Our counselors will work diligently to assist you in setting and meeting the goals that are important to you. Your counselor may assume a variety of roles; she may alternately be a service facilitator, consultant, coach, educator, confidant, mediator, care giver, advisor, etc., according to your needs.

Your wellbeing is our stock in trade. We care.

Each therapist at SoCo Counseling has completed, at minimum, a Masters level degree in the field of Social Work, with a focus on Clinical Ser- vices (counseling). This education included at least 1,200 hours of supervised work in the field of Social Work, prior to graduation.

Our therapists show dedication and commitment to every individual, couple, and family they serve and demonstrate genuine concern for the bet- terment of the Austin community at large. SoCo Counselors as a team have logged 1000s of hours of volunteer service to their community, both prior to and during their association with SoCo.

SoCo Counseling, was established in 2013 as it’s founder and Director, Mary B. Mattis, took steps to fulfill two community needs: The need for high-quality mental health services that are affordable, and the need for graduates of our exceptional local schools of social work to gain the in- tensive and personalized supervision experience needed for them to reach their goals — to become exceptional Clinical Social Workers.

The mission of SoCo Counseling is to offer therapy services that are accessible, on both a personal and financial level. We focus on supporting clients by collaborating and connecting with each individual, in order to promote growth, balance and greater wellbeing for all who access our services.

Rates and Insurance

SoCo does not contract directly with any insurance companies. We find the insurance reporting process is invasive to our clients’ confidentiality. The limited duration and number of sessions allowed by insurance can create a barrier to the thorough, effective and high-quality treatment that each client deserves. If your insurance plan allows for out-of-network reimbursement, as about reimbursement receipts.

Individual Session: $125 Initial / $110 On-going

Couples or Family Session: $165 90 minute / $220 2-hours

Therapy is an investment in yourself, your relationships, your present and your future. For those who want to invest their time and energy, but lack the financial means to cover the usual cost of therapy, we offer a limited number of income based sliding-fee-scale, or reduced cost, ses- sions. If needed, inquire with the therapist of your choice about current availability.