In the wake of Austin’s first bitter freeze many residents are feeling unusually sleepy. A lot of us are already ready for spring and the return of Barton Springs pool. But since winter is here to stay, we’ve decided to share tips on how to stay warm and avoid the winter blues.

Get vitamin D

Human’s make vitamin D when sunlight hits our skin. Unfortunately this means in the winter when the sun is weak and we are bundled up, our bodies make less of it. An easy remedy is to drink vitamin d enriched milk or eat foods with vitamin d such as fatty tuna and salmon. This is a great reason to reserve a table at Uchi this weekend!

Talk to a therapist

Talking your feelings out with a therapist can be a great release. This way you will be able to have a compassionate sounding board for your feelings. If you would like to learn more about our compassionate, accessible counseling visit our website here: