Sunset commission report came out after Texas Professional Examiners Boards were investigated. Read the report and decide for yourself – should regulation of these boards no longer be administered by the Department of State Health Services (DSHS)? The suggestions made by the Sunset Advisory Commission are very good, and anyone who is licensed under one of these professional titles in Texas knows that change needed to happen. One just has to wonder if the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) will be able to do precisely what the commission recommends.

As a Social Work Supervisor, I interact with the Board (whichever one it will be) on a regular basis, not just at license renewal time. The past two years have seen an increased delay in processing of supervision plans and new licensure paperwork for LMSW’s, LPC Interns and LMFT Associates, or anyone in the process of becoming licensed as a social worker, or changing the status of a social work license. While it does seem odd, compared to many other states, that we won’t be regulated by the department of health, there is little room to argue that nothing needed fixing.

Some have noted that it seems inappropriate for non mental health professionals to be administering licenses and regulating the work of those who are educated and trained in mental health and wellbeing. Even under DSHS, the people approving supervision plans for social workers were not professional social workers. They were guided by the Board of Social Work Examiners, some of whom are professional Social Workers. That part will likely stay the same, there are just a different non professional SW’s and PC’s and MFT’s doing the administering.

Let’s hope TDLR can deliver on their promise. Their first step is to catch up on a lot of backlog of work from all three boards. If you are operating under one of these professional licenses in Texas, might as well start to get familiar with TDLR. Change is coming!