Michelle Martin – LMSW

Supervised by Mary B. Mattis, LCSW

I grew up in Texas, and after a military career I returned to translate my skills and experience into a practice to help people fulfill their potential. I earned my Master of Science in Social Work (clinical track) from the University of Texas at Austin, and I have specialized professional training in family therapy, therapy with children and adolescents, play therapy, neurobiology, treatment of traumatized populations, cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy and mindfulness training.

My research interests include social issues affecting children, adolescents and families; psychosocial issues of persons affected by social stigma (particularly that derived from gender identity issues); the effects of culture, gender, and ethnicity on social behavior; LGBTQ+ issues and diversity issues.

I use what I’ve learned in my research to provide therapeutic interventions for young adults and for children, adolescents and families; psychosocial adjustment therapies for gender identity issues, for clients in transition (including gender transition) and for clients facing personal and relationship challenges. My work with children and families emphasizes increasing understanding and discovering the skills needed to restore healthy and nurturing family relationships.

I practice strengths-based interventions using clinical frameworks of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Structural Theory and Feminist Relational Theory. I often use play therapy in the treatment of children and adolescents and a variety of theoretical interventions in my work with families.

If you find that my approach to therapy resonates with you, please feel free to call 512-803-5620 for an initial consultation and assessment.