Natalia Amari, LMSW

Supervised by Mary B. Mattis, LCSW

Hello! I am Natalia Amari. It is my passion to help people get in touch with their inner badass so that they may be resilient in the face of life’s stressors and traumas. Through my work and life experience, I have developed an appreciation for the fact that the strengths that help us in the face of the bigger crises can also help us with the smaller everyday life stressors, and vice versa. Working with trauma is about working with life.

My expertise is in working with adult survivors of childhood abuse, domestic and sexual violence. I have advocated for survivors on crisis lines, in a shelter, after an acute assault, as well as at the state level at the Oregon Coalition. My experience also rests largely with providing psychotherapy to survivors in agency and private practice settings.

Feminist/multiculturalist, trauma-informed, relational, and creative modalities are the foundation of my therapeutic approach. What this looks like in real time is that in our work together, you will be seen for your unique strengths (and I will help you see them too). You will be seen in the socio-political context of your upbringing and where you are now. Our therapeutic relationship will be the medium of our work.

We will work gently through a stage-based approach to ensure safety and adequate resource building before delving into more sensitive areas of trauma. We may even have fun or get creative at times because that’s important for maintaining a safe, pro-active, collaborative therapeutic relationship.

If you would like to learn more about how I work or if you would like to book a complimentary consultation, please visit my website

You can also book a consultation by emailing me or calling/texting 512-761-2106.